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Affordable Chiropractic Care

FREE Chiropractic Benefits Plan with your dental plan

Our FREE Chiropractic Care Plan (Chiropractic Plans of America®), a plan created by AmeriPlan USA®, is an incredible tool for saving you and your family tons of money on visits to the Chiropractor. Here lists the savings benefits with your chiropractic health plan:

  • CHIROPRACTIC CARE PLAN FREE with Dental Plan membership.
  • OVER 7,500 + PARTICIPATING CHIROPRACTORS in the network (Search Chiropractors)
  • SAVE 50% on all chiropractic diagnostic services.
  • SAVE 50% on all required chiropractic x-rays.
  • 30% SAVINGS on all treatment and other services.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS TO CHIROPRACTIC CARE with no limits on visits.
  • TOLL-FREE NUMBER to locate independent chiropractors and network providers.
  • Have you ever considered how beneficial the Chiropractic Health Plan can be to you? Do you have back pain, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain? If you answered yes, you need to search for Chiropractors in your area that can help you with pain management.

    Do you have a subluxation? Here is the definition of a subluxation:
    "When a vertebra of the spine loses its proper position and becomes misaligned with the vertebrae above and below it, thus compromising the nerves, which results in interference of nerve transmissions from the brain to tissues, organs, and muscles. Unfortunately, most subluxations have no pain, so generally many people are not aware of them. Subluxations physically cause your spine to wear unevenly, which leads to early degeneration, pain, and break down of the spine."

    Did you know that most people don't even consider chiropractor's as an option. Chiropractors are an essential part of our healthcare system and are often overlooked. They provide us with pain relief that traditional doctors do not offer. We provide you the ability to seek Chiropractic Care at an affordable cost. You can search for Chiropractors in your area that we've contracted with to provide you with care at a cost that other plans only dream of matching. Your Chiropractic Plan is FREE with you paid Dental Plan Sign-Up. All you have to do now is JOIN to begin using these great benefits!

    With our package you get full dental benefits with FREE Vision Service Plan, Discount Prescription Plan and Chiropractic Care Plan.

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    and all benefits listed above are yours for just $14.95/mo for individuals and $19.95/mo for your entire household (all household members, related or not). Yes, you read it right, you don't have to be related to enjoy your full family membership even if more than 5 people live in your home!

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    Your Chiropractic Health Plan is FREE with your membership in AmeriPlan's® affordable Dental Plan. For information about AmeriPlan® and FULL Dental Plan benefits:
    Our Company and Dental Plan Benefits


    As if all of this were not enough, when you sign up for this incredible Dental Plan, you all receive the following value added benefits for FREE:

  • FREE Vision Service Plan (click for additional details)
  • FREE Prescription Drug Plan (click for additional details)
  • FREE Chiropractic Benefits Plan (click for additional details)

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