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AmeriPlan® Dental Plan FAQ's

Answers to your common questions


Q: Who and what is AmeriPlan USA®?

AmeriPlan USA® is a Provider Access Organization. We arrange for our members to have access to dental, vision, prescription drug and chiropractic providers who have agreed to offer their services at negotiated discounts off their usual and customary fees. We now offer health care discounts at medical facilities nationwide. In addition to this, we will also roll-out a nationwide discounted pet care plan.

Q: What type of discount do members receive on dental services?

Members can save up to 80% on preventative work (teeth cleaning, x-rays, etc.) and 25% - 65% on all restorative and cosmetic work (fillings, crowns, braces, etc.) performed by a general dentist. Specialist fees are discounted 25%.

Q: Are On-Going conditions included?

With the AmeriPlan® Dental & AmeriPlan Health®, all on-going conditions are included except orthodontic treatment in progress.

Q: What are the deductible requirements?

There are no deductibles, no claim forms to fill out, and no limits on visits to your dentist!

Q: How much are the membership fees?

Individual memberships are available for only $14.95 per month! An entire household membership is $19.95 per month! Household memberships include all residents in the household including parents, children, relatives, significant others, and all permanent residents of the household (even unrelated roommates)!

Q: How much more do the Pharmacy, Vision, and Chiropractic plans cost?

The Prescription Drug Plan, Vision Service Plan and Chiropractic Health Plans are absolutely FREE with the Dental Plan Membership!

Q: Who are the Dental, Pharmacy, Vision, and Chiropractic Care providers?

Within 10-14 days of receipt of your application at corporate headquarters in Dallas, you will receive a Member Information Guide, Membership Identification card(s), and a Dental, Pharmacy, Vision, and Chiropractic Care Directory. You may also look up any of these providers online at Providers/Fees. Present your Membership ID card to any AmeriPlan® provider and you will be eligible to receive discounted fees. If you need to use the dental benefits immediately, you will have to provide them with the membership number that you received in your Sign-Up confirmation email.

Q: Why do you have the invisalign disclaimer saying that it may not be included?

Invisalign is a relatively new procedure requiring new molds and technology to form the braces. Some providers have already deeply discounted this because of the high demand and competition from local dentists. Because of this, they may elect not to give the normal AmeriPlan® discount. As a company, we do not have a current list of specific providers which give the discount based on the invisalign procedure. Normal braces ARE included with the discount. In order to find out who may give the discount for invisalign, you must call the selected provider and inquire.

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